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First Page of Google in Your City!


When people look to solve business needs, they usually prefer searching in the city they live in - something that is close to them. Businesses can add their website to Google local listings like everyone else and hope to receive calls. But what if you can have your business stand out in a video or live event? Showing your business and its benefits using a video will rate way higher that reading a business ad.

FACT: In the last 2 years, video marketing has exploded due to the pandemic.

SEARCH FOR YOURSELF! See the example below of a security company called (Triad Security Solutions located in Summerlin, Nevada):


·         Copy and paste this phrase into Google search: “window security film Summerlin, NV”

·         You will see their Organic company video on the First Page of Google.

·         This video shows the problem and solution (product demonstration) that the company is trying to convey to their customer.


Triad Security Solutions spends thousands of dollars a month on Google Ad Campaigns - and these are only landing pages. They were delighted when they could get their video on the First Page of Google to where a consumer could click directly to the video for a One-Time Cost!

Since the original test city, Polo Enterprises is now adding more cities for Triad Security Solutions.


So, what is the cost?  $500.00


What do you get? 

·         PE takes your video and YouTube account and develops specific keywords for your business in your city.

·         We develop long tail searches specific to your category of business in your city.

·         We add in backlinks to increase strength and visibility for Google crawlers in your city.

·         PE guarantees First Page Placement for your company using long tail searches in your city.

·         We only take one customer per category of business per city.



·         What if we do not have a website?

No Problem!  We can add contact numbers or emails to the video.

·         What if we do not have a video:

For an additional charge, we can create voice-over and still pics to get your message across. Although a bit more expensive, we can have our video crew develop a video.

·         How long does it take?

·         About 5 days from purchase date

·         How many search phrases will we get on the First Page of Google?

We guarantee One, but we usually push for Three-Five.

·         How does this compare to Organic SEO?

Well, Organic SEO for Website can take 6-12 Months for a keyword to show up.

·         If I have offices in two locations, do I get a discount?

Our discounts start at 5 cities or more; however, at a $500.00 cost, we have the most inexpensive program on the market.

·         What are long tale searches?

Long tale searches are specific to your category and city. It gives consumers the most accurate business they are looking for.




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